They are just as important

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Dear Editor,

Re: Tax, churches and the govt.


Being a police officer is a hard job too. But look at how crappy they have just been treated. What about nurses? 

They work as hard as Ministers. Do they have to pay taxes? Is it ok to tax hardworking nurses because they are mostly female so their treatment is not important?

What about teachers, the educators for the future success of Samoa, do they pay taxes on the pitiful wage they make? 

These peoples’ jobs are every bit as important as a minister’s job. 

Would an off duty police officer walk away from a serious crime being committed? 

Would an officer or a nurse walk away from a first responder situation if they were called upon when off duty? 

Would an off duty nurse walk past a dying or injured person on the street? They are also 24/7 professional employees.


Wendy Wonder

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