The P.M. and a ‘loose cannon’

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Dear Editor,


Your story “P.M embroiled in cyber space war” reveals to me the current Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa, the legendary Fatialofa ‘Auēlua Tuila’epa Lupesoli’ai Lolofie Neioti ‘Ai’ono Galumalemana Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi, Chief Logohu the Bird of Paradise is also a media genius.

His responses on are so tactical brilliant for my simple mind to soothingly comprehend.

It shows the current Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa in politics, everyday life and media is a cut of class above the rest.

The interview had definitely clears up the obscured conundrum, now the eloquent parlance of the Master had helped me enormously to see through.

Now I know the tumultuous cause of Maua Fale’auto’s pandemonium towards the H.R.P.P. government is being a sore loser since the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa had gained advantage ahead to become the boss of the Faleauto clan.

I have read with great enthusiasm the Savali news interview with the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and he was very, very professional, passionate, and diplomatic with his answers.

And for those reasons I have shared the post on my Facebook page last night. It’s such a tremendous read.

But for some kind words of advice for Maua Fale’auto, no one stands a mountain as the tulati and tulatoa of Samoa had said.

And may of course the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa’s time be now and perhaps Maua to be for tomorrow.

Well, provided he is serving his master accordingly. However though, he is terrible and so, so far away from the truth of matters.

As per wide held stereotypical aghast zealous and tempestuous rubbishes Maua Faleauto had expressed over the past, his delirious views surely had refuted the notion hence no wonder.

Thank you so much for the current Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa, now I know the guy is a loose canon. That I didn’t know at all in the past. Now I know and it is so so good to know.

And if I were Maua Faleauto, I would have been so so very very proud for the head of my clan for the record he had achieved that 99.99 per cent of Samoa voters in the last general elections being held in 2016, had endorsed him unanimously as the most ever popular leader for the country.

But who am I to be a loose cannon when I had thought I am certainly not? And along those lines for Mr. Smith, he is no loose cannon just a mentally retarded and the idiot does not deserve my time.

Yours faithfully,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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