A half-hearted attempt

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Re: Govt. against tobacco consumption

Key Outcome 6 of the S.D.S. is “A Healthy Samoa and Wellbeing Promoted.”

What a joke, Samoa is also on W.H.O’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 2005, there’s Tobacco Control Act 2008 and Tobacco Control Regulation 2013 but still they build a cigarette factory in 2016.

It’s double dipping by the cash strapped government of Samoa which means there is no real commitment there.

Making money from the cigarette factory was the only priority for H.R.P.P. which means health hazards were ignored and now W.H.O. and U.N.D.P. is dangling a carrot or few carrots and look at them buzzing around like bees.

It’s a halfhearted attempt by the government of Samoa but then again we shouldn’t expect much from this government.


Le Mafa P

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