Mother needs water tank help

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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NO RUNNING WATER: Mataiva Ki, 73 years old from Fasito’o Uta.

NO RUNNING WATER: Mataiva Ki, 73 years old from Fasito’o Uta.

A 73-year-old mother is seeking assistance for a water tank.

Mataiva Ki, from the village of Fasito’o-uta, told the Village Voice team yesterday that life is hard enough trying to deal with the expensive cost of living in Samoa.

But to have no running water is an added burden. 

“It is really hard living here without running water because water is something we really need for our daily survival,” she said.

“We have just moved here for more than three months now and we still haven’t had water and it’s the same at the place where we used to live.”

“We moved here so that we can have running water, so far the water connection ends at the two houses located on the coastal side from us.”

Mataiva Ki's House
Mataiva Ki's House

“We have cleared the land here for us to settle on and everything here has been good in terms of growing crops, but water is the real issue.”

“So far we are collecting water from our neighbours and most times we collect rainwater.” 

“My four children here are all working and they are the ones who support our family.”

“My other children have moved out with their own families and we usually meet during the holidays.”

Mrs. Ki adds life in her new home is very much simple, except for water.

“All is well here; we have enough land for us to grow food and to survive from.”

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