History will be our Judge

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. embroiled in cyber space war

The Savali says that I have an axe to grind.

I speak out against corruption, zero transparency, zero accountability and wicked governance. 

A country in which corruption is unrestrained is called a Kleptocracy. A political system with centralized authority, and a dictator as a leader, which expects the population to bow like slaves is called totalitarian. 

Samoa, with its one party state is no longer a Democracy.

The Chinese have a saying that leaders, who do not love the people are “thieves in fine clothing.” 

Over the past 30 years only the politicians are thriving, while poor health care, poor education, poor roads, no water to many and unreliable electricity are normal. So many have died in the hospital because of corruption stealing the money for health care.

How do we as proud Samoans deal with dishonest leaders and dishonest banks prepared to lie to the people and use laws drawn up by foreign lawyers to steal our customary land?

How can the Fa’aSamoa prevent leaders betraying our people, if the Western system of law is corrupt?

In History, the only people who keep their lands are those prepared to die for them.

The actions of the A.D.B. and the H.R.P.P. in taking our customary land are genocidal and every Samoan is allowed the freedom of speech to complain and encourage our people to resist this foreign takeover of our lands and resources.

The P.M. never discusses any issue I raise. He calls me a loose cannon. I am a patriot and History will judge us both.


Maua Faleauto 

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