Where is the consistency in Government policy?

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Dear Editor,

I find the government’s policy on couples working in the same Ministry very interesting.

I feel pity for the police couples who have worked for many years in the Ministry and are now being forced to separate following government’s new policy which in my opinion was unfair and discriminatory. 

It was not their fault and I hope the government has compensated them adequately for a lifetime pension.

This reminds me of one couple currently working at C.S.L. They both hold senior positions of responsibility. 

How can this be when both of them are employees of the same company? 

For the information of the public C.S.L. (Computer Services Limited) is 80%-90% shares owned by N.P.F. and S.L.A.C. 

In other words, C.S.L. is publicly owned by shareholders of N.P.F and S.L.A.C. therefore should be affected by the recently created government policy. 

Either the woman or her husband should leave C.S.L.

I hope the Chairman of N.P.F. and S.L.A.C. Boards would look into this C.S.L Family affair.



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