Farmer says people have got to love their work

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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DO IT WITH A PASSION: Sapani Tufiti of Faleasi’u on his way to his plantation yesterday afternoon.

DO IT WITH A PASSION: Sapani Tufiti of Faleasi’u on his way to his plantation yesterday afternoon.

To pay the bills, we have to love the work we do. Even if we don’t like it.

It’s a tough one, but Farmer Sapani Tufiti, 46, from the village of Faleasi’u, subscribes to the belief.

Mr. Tufiti is a father of two young children and heavily depends on his plantation for his family’s welfare.

Mr. Tufiti believed that life in Samoa is tough, and if you don’t work, it’s even tougher.

“We are living a very tough life today in Samoa,” he said. “To be honest I believe the cost of living is very high and that has been a struggle most people are facing today.”

“The life right now is that if you don’t work, you will suffer, and that is the truth.”

“I believe that the only things that are cheaper today here in Samoa are the things the Chinese shops are selling to us.”

Mr. Tufiti was on his way to his plantation to prepare his family Sunday To’ona’i yesterday afternoon when the Village Voice met up with him.

Mr. Tufiti shared that he doesn’t have a regular job; instead his plantation is his job.

“The plantation is where I work almost every day.”

“The plantation farm Talo Palagi and I sell it to the Tafaoata Chips Factory.”

“That is where I get money from and that is how I support our family because we are living together with all my brothers and sisters.”

Mr. Tufiti added that life today is all about money.

“Samoa has that unique culture that we support families and to me support means money because everything today is about money.”

“So that is why most people today are crying from their hands to try and make whatever money they can make to support their families.”

Mr. Tufiti also added that he enjoys his work at his plantation.

“I am the only one that works here in our plantation and to me I really enjoy it.”

“My kids are still young but would need their help later on because life is moving forward and prices of goods keep going up as well.”

“So to me, it is better to keep working as best you can to accomplish good things, as well as making good money to pay the family bills.”

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