Job seeker laments lack of job opportunities

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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DESPERATE FOR A JOB: Sanele Fepulea’i of Fasitoo Tai, with his wheelbarrow of crops from his plantation.

DESPERATE FOR A JOB: Sanele Fepulea’i of Fasitoo Tai, with his wheelbarrow of crops from his plantation.

Unemployment is a huge problem for Samoa today. 

This is the belief of a young man Sanele Fepulea’i, 19, from the village of Fasito’o Tai. 

Mr. Fepulea’i is living with his mother, and currently supports his family through his work at the plantation.

But Mr. Fepulea’i wants a job.

“Our family is just me and my mother, and she is the one that looks after our family in terms of finance from her work.”

“I am working in our plantation to be able to support and help her out from here to provide crops for our daily basis.”

“So right now, I need a job to be able to help her out with some finance because we have so much to provide for nowadays.”

“Finding a job will be a good extra income for me and my mother with our plantation because we have bills to pay and that is one reason why I need to start working right now.”

Mr. Fepulea’i said he left school after his High School final year at Aana College.

“I left school two years ago and I started this work here because school costs a lot and our family needed my help.”

“So I have been working in the plantation since then up until now and I have enjoyed it because it’s a good feeling seeing you family enjoying the work you do.”

Mr. Fepulea’i added that he wouldn’t mind whatever job he gets.

“Life nowadays is really hard and even working the plantation is very hard, so whatever job is offered to me, I will take it.”

“I will take it for as long as it will pay me good money, and that is the thing that I am looking for now. I really want to help my mother.”

Mr. Fepulea’i added that this is something his mother is expecting from him.

“I am sure my mother is expecting me to get a job to help her out with supporting our family.”

“I think it will be something that will make her feel proud of me if I  secure a good regular job to assist her with supporting our family and everything on our end.”   

For anyone that is willing to help out this young fella, he can be contacted on this number  7793316.

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