Father tells of hardship and struggles

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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FINANCIALLY STRUGGLING: Iosefo Ioane, 59 year old father from Leulumoega needs help.

FINANCIALLY STRUGGLING: Iosefo Ioane, 59 year old father from Leulumoega needs help.

The struggles and hardships are very real for unemployed father of five Iosefa Ioane.

The 59-year-old from the village of Leulumoega is responsible for raising a family, which includes his children and their children.

The problem is only one person in the family has a formal job. That is his son.

His children and their families stay at the same place and they rely on Mr. Ioane and his wife to provide for them.

“Having one person working cannot support the whole family,” he said. 

“I am looking after all of them but we do not have the money or the resources to supply the things that my grandchildren need for school and to provide for my whole family.”

Mr. Ioane said they get help from one of his daughters who is based overseas but she too has a family to focus on.

“I have one daughter who is overseas at the moment. She  does not work, she is a housewife while her husband works,” he said.

Mr. Ioane said that once his son gets paid, the money doesn’t last.

On top of what they need at home, there are so many fa’alavelave they are committed to.

 “We also have things going on in the church and our village,” he said. 

“There are certain occasions that we cannot prevent from happening and we cannot foresee either." 

“In the event that these  happen we usually have no money at all to contribute."

“I need financial help so I would be able to provide for my family.”

Mr. Ioane does his best with what he has. He works at the plantation and when the crops are harvested, he sells them to make some money.

His goal in the future is to see his children and his grandchildren do well in school so they can secure good paying jobs to look after themselves.

For anyone who can help Mr. Ioane, especially with back to school costs, contact 7228865 or 7260631.

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