Don’t be afraid Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. and loose cannon 

The P.M. should learn to refrain from being defensive, and rather be able to have the ability and wisdom to provide feedback to concerns raised by any Samoan citizen or group of citizens.

It is part and parcel of his prime ministerial and leadership role, to have a conversation with Samoan citizens on issues and matters pertaining to governance and policies that affect their daily lives and their future.

The implications that the P.M. and govt shouldn’t be questioned at all via any mode of communication means, are akin to dictatorial regime......the obvious insecurities of the P.M. and Govt. which culminated in the reinstatement of the libelous law disguised the fact that it was focusing on suppression of dissent.

These attempts to avoid facing or hearing the concerns and disquiet of the citizens of Samoa, shows how immature and backward Samoa’s democracy has become.

It is not the job of a P.M. and govt, to stop the people of Samoa from voicing their concerns regardless of whatever mode of communications they use, regardless of whatever tone they employ, regardless of whatever sources they obtain information from.

It is the job of the leader and her government, to provide honest and truthful feedback on issues pertaining to concerns of the Samoan citizens.

The P.M. is completely and unilaterally wrong about this issue. Do not ever be afraid Samoa, to hold your government accountable.

It is about your future.



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