The struggles of Ioane

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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NO WATER AND ELECTRICITY: Ioane Le’ana. (Photo: Nefertiti Matatia)

Life is certainly not a walk in the park for Ioane Le’ana from Faleasiu.

The 49-year-old lives alone in a rundown Samoan fale with no water and electricity.

To make matters worse, he has health problems and is unemployed.

Speaking to the Village Voice, he said that every day when it rains, it feels like there is no roofing of his house. 

He continuously struggles due to his health condition.

Mr. Le’ana said he uses boxes of mosquito coils or whatever pieces of paper that he could find to block the leaks on the roof of his fale.

“At the age of 16 in 1985, I was sent to New Zealand for work,” he said. “I was still young and immature, I ended up getting hurt which is the reason I am like this right now. 

“I was hospitalized for more than two days and when I regained my strength it was never the same anymore.”

His problems don’t end there.

Mr. Le’ana spoke about the hardship of walking to his neighbours place with buckets to fetch water since he does not have a water tank and the water supply does not even reach his home.

“I really need help since there are certain days when I feel too weak to get water so I just stay put in my house and do nothing. 

“I don’t have a cell phone either to contact my siblings or their children with the things I want.  

“I am the sixth child from the seven of us and I am not married which is the reason I live alone.”

He also doesn’t have electricity.

There is a plantation on the land he lives on but Mr. Le’ana said his nephews are the ones who do all the hard work. 

“My sister’s children come over and work the land that I live on,” he said. 

“The only thing that I do is to look after it. They just come to clean up the land and plant the crops.”

He believes that life is good in terms of its development but it has become costly and luckily there are some countries that are helping Samoa.

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