Samoa the best place to live

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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SAMOA IS HOME: Tuiloa Anitelea.

SAMOA IS HOME: Tuiloa Anitelea. (Photo: Ulimasao Fata)

Samoa is still the best place to live despite all the hardships and struggles.

This is the belief of a young man Tuiloa Anitelea, 25, from the village of Si’usega. 

“I wouldn’t live anywhere else,” he said. “We might not have a lot of money and we might struggle with many things but we are still happy. That’s the main thing.” 

Mr. Anitelea said only two people in his family are working to support their family.

He doesn’t work but he stays home doing the chores. That is his contribution.

 “The life we are living here in Samoa today is very expensive, and it is something our government should be looking at now,” he said.

“Lucky we have the Chinese shops around and they are providing cheap things for our people.

“Everything is all going up in Samoa and their prices, but people don’t have that much money from their salaries.”

Mr. Anitelea said there is a difference between Samoa and other countries.

“Samoa is a small country but the costs of things are so high, while other countries are very cheap.

“We have family members moving overseas because they think that those countries are cheaper than us here.

He added that the people of Samoa are finding it hard to find money these days.

“Samoan people are suffering because of the high cost of living that we have today here in Samoa.

“It is really hard finding money right now in Samoa especially the low income earning people have and low opportunities for people to grow.”

Mr. Anitelea said the government should consider the standard of living.

“Our government should do something about the cost of living in Samoa today because not all families are rich,” he said.

“They should understand that we have so many people still unemployed but already completed studies, and that’s how small our country is.”

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