DISPUTE RESOLVED: Aoe'e Adolfo Montengro and Amper S.A. Chairman Jaime Espinosa de los Monteros.

$46million lawsuit “resolved”

A US$20million ($46million) lawsuit brought by former Chief Executive Officer of Amper’s Bluesky Pacific Group, Aoe’e Adolfo Montenegro, Amper S.A, eLandia International and American Samoa-based Bluesky Communications has been resolved.

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Fa’alua Skelton, 38 year old mother from Ale’isa-uta.

Water issues hinder family’s development

Living off their plantation and vegetable garden is a family in the village of Ale’isa-uta. Fa’alua Skelton, a 38-year-old mother of four, told the Village Voice team the story of her family’s daily struggle. 

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REMEMBER YOUR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE: Apulu Sefo Fonoti, 72 year old father who is a retired culture and language trainer.

Samoan language should be prioritised

A 79-year-old man says schools in Samoa should encourage the use of the Samoan language. Speaking as an expert on this matter was retired culture and language trainer, Apulu Sefo Fonoti. 

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SEEKING HELP AND ASSISTANCE: Tauofe Faialaga, 71 year old father from Nu’u-Fou.

Nu’u family faces health battle

Life is a roller coaster for Tauofe Faialaga from Nuu-Fou. At the age of 71, Mr. Faialaga’s health, including his wife’s, is a battle that is seemingly impossible to deal with every day. 

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FAMILY STRUGGLES: Ufiau Petero, 57 year old mother from Leulumoega-tuai.

No job, electricity and running water

Despite the New Year, life is still the same for Ufiau Petero from Leulumoega. The unemployed mother has faced water and electricity issues for so many years. Coupled with this is her wish for her 23-year-old daughter to find employment.

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Healthy Pacific Islands move

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (S.P.T.O.) have joined forces to promote healthy tourism in the region. Under the new partnership, the organizations will promote smoke-free public places and increase opportunities for people to eat healthy local foods and get physically active.

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Prime Minister and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi

Cabinet to decide on C.E.O. for Games Organising Committee

Cabinet is to have the final say on the Chief Executive Officer of the 2019 Pacific Games Organising Committee. That’s according to Prime Minister and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, who said his Cabinet were deliberate last night on the appointment of a Chief executive.

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‘Nepotism’ claims rejected

The government has swiftly rejected claims of nepotism and favouritism with regards to the selection and awarding of government scholarships. The Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Staff Training and Scholarship Committee (S.T.S.C.), Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, said the claims against himself, the Committee and the Secretary of the Scholarship Committee, Tagaloa Sharon Potoi, making rounds on blogs and social media, are unfounded.

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Court House Mulinuu.

Granduncle guilty of raping niece

A 60-year-old granduncle was yesterday convicted for raping his 13-year-old niece following an Assessors’ trial. Ioane Peni of Apolima is charged with seven sexual related charges.

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Refrain from hoax call, Commissioner warns

So far, more than 1,000 prank calls have been made to the 911 emergency number since its launch. Fire Emergency Services Authority Commissioner, Lelevaga Fa’afouina Mupo, is warning members of the public to refrain from using the line for hoax call.

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Tumua Laufasa's land trash

Tumua raises concern on rubbish collection

Tumua Laufasa, from Vaitele-Uta, has raised his concerns on rubbish collection in his area. The 46-year-old said he was not aware that he had to pay to have his rubbish taken to the dump.

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This is behind the S.T.E.C. office in Vaitele, where the coconuts are prepped to be shipped away.

P.M. stands by S.T.E.C.

The Samoa Trust Estate Corporation (S.T.E.C.) is not a government entity. They operate as part of the private sector. This is according to Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, in response to questions on why S.T.E.C. is competing with the private sector.

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SUPPORTING SAMOA'S ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: High Commissioner Sue Langford presents the Bailey bridges to the Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Papali'i Niko Lee Hang.

Thank you, Australia!

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has acknowledged with gratitude the Australian government for the provision of emergency “Bailey” bridges for Samoa. The project valued at A$1.4m (T$2.6million) was officially presented to the government at the beginning of the week.

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Lagalaga Misiluki.

Lagalaga escapes from Tagaigata Prison

Another prisoner has escaped from Tafa'igata Prison. Lagalaga Misiluki, 38, from Fagali’i-tai and Salamumu is serving time for burglary, theft and possession of narcotics.

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PRIME MINISTER: Tuilaepa Dr. Sa'ilele Malielegaoi. (Inset) N.U.S. Lecturer for Media School of Journalism, Misa Vicky Lepou.

P.M. scoffs at call for Criminal Libel consultation

There was “no need for consultations” with the media prior to the passage of the Criminal Libel Act. So says Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi when he was asked for a comment as to why there was no consultation before the passage of the Act. 

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PRAYING TO ACCESS WATER SOON: Misitaga Vasa, 42 years old from Faleu Manono

Residents struggle with water

Villagers in the mainland of Faleu Manono continue to pray and hope for water connection. Misitaga Vasa, 42, says most families in his village cannot afford the installation cost. 

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CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT: Galoma Eliuta Tunumafono, 71 years old from Faleu Manono.

Elderly father shares his views about Samoa today

For any country, the exercise of good governance in its leadership is reflected by the way citizens live. That means if the leaders do what’s right, the people they are leading should thrive.

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HARDWORKING FATHER: Sani Howard, from Nu’u.

Father struggles to get by

Not having enough money is an issue most families in Samoa face today. And Sani Howard, from Nu’u, is not spared from such misery. The father of two shared with the Village Voice team that while he faces water and electricity problems, the $30 he makes from his small business is not enough to support his children’s education.

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Father worries about school and water

Hardship and poverty have left Fa’ifa’i Petelu worried about his children’s education. The unemployed father of two says with school starting soon, he fears he won’t be able to provide for his children’s needs. 

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They made it to Paradise: Markus and Mathias of Austria curious to see more of the heart of the Pacific.

From the hills of Austria to the mountains of Samoa

When Mathias and Markus of Austria introduced themselves to Dear Tourist along the seawall, it was only natural that we ask after the famous town of Salzburg in Austria where it seems everyone’s childhood movie, the Sound of Music was filmed.

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Think a Minute

The good-for-nothing

Think a minute…Guiseppe’s Papa came from a family of fishermen. In fact, for 300 years the men in his family had been fishermen in the country of Sicily. His Papa eventually moved to San Francisco where he continued their fishing business. Eventually they had 9 children.


The woman and her bones

Do you feel the earth would be kinder if Adam was Eve instead? When I look at the children of the streets, I feel sorrow only. There is not a bone in a loving mother which does not ache for the grief upon any child. I miss my own mother like I miss the rain.

Between the Lines


LEARNING THE AIRLINES LINGO Heard the term “close in bookings”? Chances are, you are one of the many Samoans who fall into that category used by airlines to describe your booking when you travel.

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