Wrong mentality

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Re: Mother needs help 

This mentality of having kids so that they will in turn take care of the parents is just short of ignorance. 

Why have so many kids when the “quality of life” is poor at best. 

Have a couple of kids and provide a better life for them and yourself. When you can better provide, then have more kids. 

Better education in the use of contraceptives would have been very beneficial in this case. 

BTW, the father to these 9 kids has to give them up so that he can go and take care of his father. Is that the moral of the story here! 

Man and woman decide to become parents. You provide for the kids and let them go. You can’t turn around and hold it over their heads that they are obligated to take care of you. 

They should do it because they love their parents and not obligation.



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