U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown, the five computers and two printers

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Dear Editor,

One couldn’t miss the huge heading that went with the photo “US Ambassador honours promise to Magiagi school” in the Sunday Samoan.  

Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown are back in town. The last time Ambassador Scott Brown was here, he also made headline not only in Samoa but internationally with his uncouth behavior at a diplomatic function he hosted here. He was reportedly investigated and reprimanded for that incident.  

I remember also his trying to bad mouth China when asked about his country withdrawing from the global Paris agreement on climate change. 

This time Ambassador Brown comes bearing gifts for Magiagi primary school; five computers and two printers. Very kind of him I thought until I saw in the article that the Petone Rotary Club in Wellington New Zealand actually donated the computers while HP NZ gave the printers!

Wait a minute I thought to myself! 

This is the U.S. Ambassador to Samoa honouring a promise he made to Magiagi Primary school with five computers and two printers donated by the people of NZ? 

And Ambassador Brown for his part gets to have his picture in the paper “honouring” the promise he made to Magiagi School where a Peace Corps volunteer works. 

Not a bad deal for America First, his boss the self-professed dealmaker for America would say I’m sure.  

Petone is a working class area of Lower Hutt that over the years has been home to many workers and immigrants from Samoa.

I worked there myself and played rugby for the Petone Rugby club and still have many happy memories of my time there.

Which raises the question; why is the U.S. Ambassador to N.Z. and to Samoa donating stuff to the people of Samoa that he collects from the people of N.Z.? 

Who exactly is Ambassador Brown representing as a U.S. Ambassador; himself, his country or N.Z.? 

You figure that one out yourself, as U.S. President Trump answered when asked recently whether he was going to fire yet another U.S. Justice Department official,  Deputy Attorney General Rod J Rosenstine. But the words spin and fake are not far from mind when such strange things happen.



Bemused Former Petone Resident


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