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Dear Editor,

I am mortified and flummoxed by the ludicrous frenzy of nonsense the country politicians and media have given to the sporadic gutless faceless homo ghosts who are spitting from behind the comfort of the velvet laced viewing window of the casket.

And who, of any living being in his or her rightful decent mind would believe any garbage coming from a stupid fool idiot who had no courage to come out into broad daylight? Or even wasted on a loose cannon and a mentally retarded?

For as many as 30 years these stupid fool idiots have been blowing into the wind and for that length of time, the numbers that counts, have continued to rise and rise to support the H.R.P.P. government and sure is in huge numbers.

What matters most to the Honourable Prime Minister and his H.R.P.P. government, is the more than 99.99 per cent of voters who endorsed the tally in the last general elections being held near two years ago.

That’s the number the government is answerable to. The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and members of his Cabinet do not need to stoop low to the standard of those lowlife scumbag stupid idiot fools.

The government is not responsible for the stupid idiot fools who are only so so good at criticising for the sake of being a loose cannon or the mentally retarded who are doing nothing positive none or whatsoever to improve life for the people of Samoa.

But my deepest regret is for Samoa Observer who also had taken the bait of the excruciating calamity, twisting the world upside down to have come up with such an irrelevant headline about the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa being embroiled in a cyber space war.

Does it need to be “embroiled” to define the state of an honest response to the media enquiry? Or have there been other appropriate headlines to deliver the ethos of the parlance?

Samoa Observer audacious to feast on the negative elements that are coming out in the dark of the night when the living world snoozes a rest and the gutless evil spirits had started to roam freely towards there and there but loathe here where a human they feared most exist, does not impress me much.

Of course I have the tools to confuse and exorcise the dead soul with just the simple babbling innovation to create the context and spin the stupid idiot fools into a full frontal revolution.

These stupid fool idiots do not deserve a response. These stupid fool idiot loose cannons only need a rev up to start going berserk like real mentally retarded lunatics.

And then the Hon. Minister of Communications and Technology, again had wasted so much of his technical time on the same stupid idiot fools.

This is February 2018 and still struggling with slow and costly Internet, a very expensive cellular telephone bills, a horrendous landline cost; and where is Tui Samoa Cable that was supposedly to have been connected in November last year with a half price and faster speed for Internet and cellular telephones as well as landlines that was promised?

The government is to answer only to the real people of Samoa but a loose cannon or a mentally retarded, or to a stupid fool idiot olefiapalemia’aeletaitaisogisogi.

All these stupid idiot fools don’t have any positive contribution for the development of Samoa. All they have is garbage in garbage out.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa had stated clearly many times he had no Facebook account, and he’s not interested to have any, and will not planning to have one at all.

So which stupid idiot fool is acting a messenger to relay all the negative stuff to the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa from social medium?

I would suggest for the broken blinds from behind to remain at the behind to take whatever is blowing from the front and let them dissipated into oblivions. I can only earnestly urge those who are acting as messengers for the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa to step back and do the positive to continue the development of Samoa.

That is how I’m toying with these stupid idiot fools. I am controlling them. I am making them angry and I am laughing my head off. I know they are telling fibs about me but I don’t care what ever lies they spread about me but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. They don’t deserve a second of my time. I don’t answer to them stupid idiot fools nor would I answer to anyone.

My golden rule to all my Facebook friends; you share any rubbish from those stupid idiot fools you are out the window. Same to my family, do not act a messenger for those stupid idiot fools they belong to the back. My holy eyes don’t even read their garbage on Samoa Observer

Here I am unscathed alive and kicking. 

I have been around long before those stupid idiot fools’ father and mothers had met; those stupid idiot fools were not even being conceived when I started in journalism and had become a contributor for Samoa Observer from day one of this reputable newspaper.

Does it matter what others would say and think about me? Does it matter vice versa about you? You don’t answer to me but to your own.

What matters most to me is what I think about me. What matters most is for me to respect and be grateful to those who give life their best shot and think positive of what lies ahead.

What matters most for me is to admire the positive contribution all have made to lift Samoa out of the “least develop country” doldrum for working tirelessly day and night to endure the pain and sufferings.

From nothing into something, thanking you so so much Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and the H.R.P.P. government we are the Samoa before our very eyes today our overseas and local born are coming home to wed and returning overseas where ever they reside.



Thank you so much to you Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and your H.RP.P. government for the Samoa it is today now the expatriate sons and daughters are repatriating to bring back their law businesses to reap the reward of your hard work.

Thank you so, so much Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and your H.R.P.P. government for the mammoth task, I am so, so grateful for the effort. And after being Samoa’s human export for over 50 years, I am coming home to roost where my heart lies; Palisi my home.


Respectfully yours,


Tofaeono Misãtauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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