From Savai’i to Upolu in search of better opportunities

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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MOVING FOR OPPORTUNITIES: Puna Iosefo shares about migrating.

MOVING FOR OPPORTUNITIES: Puna Iosefo shares about migrating. (Photo: Nefertiti Matatia)

Searching for better opportunities is one reason why people migrate.

Here is Puna Iosefo, a 48-year-old who relocated from Savai’i Lefagaoali’i to Nuu-Fou, in search of better opportunities.

The unemployed single father says the reason behind people relocating to other countries or moving from Savai’i to Upolu is to look for better job opportunities.

Savai’i will always be his home.

“There is a big difference between Savai’i and Upolu,” he said. “In Savai’i, it is really hard to look for jobs, the only place or village with assurance you will find a job is Salelologa, but the majority of the people like me live far away from town. 

“The distance would be the biggest issue and also in Savaii, transportation is another problem. That is the reason many people are discouraged to work in the big island,” he said.

He mentioned that there are three of them living together at Nuu-Fou. The couples who live with him are his relatives, both employed except him.

“The land that we are now living on belongs to my brother that is a church minister. We have moved here six months ago. My mother is the only parent I have left that is now living in New Zealand with my other family members,” he added.

Mr. Iosefo doesn’t work, but he shared to the Village Voice team that he looks after his brother’s land and the house that they live in.

He says every time he goes to local shops, he cannot help but notice how expensive the products are.

“Samoa has become very expensive. The food we buy has become costly. Chicken or even a can of sardines is more than $3 tala nowadays. Despite how we budget, there is a possibility that I would run out of money before the shopping is done.”

Mr. Iosefo says no one can escape from the cost of living nowadays.

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