Father needs help with his house

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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FATHER HOPES FOR A BETTER HOUSE: Palasala Fa’afetai’s small shack in Leusoali’i.

FATHER HOPES FOR A BETTER HOUSE: Palasala Fa’afetai’s small shack in Leusoali’i.

Palasala Fa’afetai needs your help to build a better house. 

The 45-year-old from Leusoali’i says building proper shelter for his family has always been a dream of his. 

Mr. Fa’afetai is a father of four and he is the breadwinner for his family. 

His plantation is their source of livelihood.

“This is my house and I am the only person living here while my wife and my three daughters are living together at our (faleo’o) small Samoan house at the coastal area,” he explained.

“This is the small house that my family can move to in case of a tsunami warning and cyclone, but it’s almost the same size as our house in the coastal area.

“Right now, this is where all our cooking is done and then I have to walk all the way to the coastal area to take food to my wife and kids.”

Mr. Fa’afetai was on his way home from collecting coconut shells to start his food preparations of the day when the Village Voice team met him.

“My three daughters are staying with their mother, and I am here at this house because of our plantation.

“My one and only son went to visit our other family in Moata’a, but now he’s serving a mission at the Mormon Church there, so that is why I am working here alone.

“My plantation is the only way that our family is able to earn money because I do sell bananas from my plantation as well as Samoan cocoa.”

Mr. Fa’afetai mentioned his house doesn’t have electricity.

“For my house here, I don’t have electricity and I am still using kerosene lights here in this house during night time.

“I am planning to get my family here so we can stay here, but the only reason behind the delay is our house.

“The water is running well and fast here because our village has a water stream, but we always have to boil it first.”

Mr. Fa’afetai works hard for his family’s well-being.

“I don’t work and that’s the problem, but I am working really hard in my plantation to try and make money to build me and my family a proper house.

“I also want my daughters to find jobs so they can help out, but their applications have yet to be answered.”

For anyone willing to help this father’s dream come true, he can be contacted on the number 7666875.

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