Guilty by association

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Re: People power against H.R.P.P. 

The H.R.P.P. and P.M. should at least be guilty by association then, aye? 

Well, I guess it’s good - and bad, for some - that Samoa does not have a military. Just imagine its role in all of this albeit fledgling and incubated political pandemonium if there was one. 

Nice Packer citation though. 

The problem with the so-called true doctrine in today’s fractured religious conglomeration is that it has become relative at best and sectarian/partisan at worst. 

I like Elijah and Elias, but Elisha as well. 

Malo le lafolafo. It reminds me of what Voltaire said about not totally agreeing with what you say but at the same time defending to the death your right to say it. Merry Christmas.


LV Letalu

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