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GET YOUR TICKETS: Sammielz and the OZKI Band are ready for the concert on Friday.

GET YOUR TICKETS: Sammielz and the OZKI Band are ready for the concert on Friday. (Photo: Misiona Simo)

To perform for the first time live on his home ground, Samoa, as an independent artist is Sam ‘Sammielz’ Leota. 

Sammielz has worked with well-known artists such as Spawnbreezie and to him, performing in Samoa is a dream come true.

Speaking during a press conference at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Sammielz was joined by the Ozki band members, who will perform with him this week Friday.

Sammielz said as an artist, he wanted to make Samoans proud.

“It’s a blessing to be here and just to share my music with my people and maybe influence some young people to get into the music industry along the way,” he shared. 

“For me because I get to travel a lot, and coming here, this makes it all worth it, this is what it’s always been about, being here for the people to share my gift in music."

“For me seeing the local talent is something I want to see, I love seeing our people excel, if I could pass on knowledge to the next generation, it’s to tell them that they can achieve their dream just like I did. And I’m just really thankful to be here.”

He was last here in 2012, but according to him, this time it’s more special because he will perform as an independent artist in front of his local fans. 

Sammielz’s passion for music started at a very young age, describing himself as a “weird” kid growing up.

“When I was to be in school, I used to write poems, and those times we always want to write about love poems, so that’s usually what I was into. One time I turned one of my poems into a song and after a long time when I saw it again, I just wished I never wrote it,” he laughed. 

“But it’s a learning curve for me,” he added. 

For him as an artist, his parents are the two people who motivate him to be better every day. 

The struggles his family experienced when he was a child, was all the more reason for him to pursue excellence. 

“Every time I look at my parents, I just want to do more. Growing up we went through a lot of hardships and one time when my parents argued about our situation, I told myself that I will never let this happen in the future and I had to make a change.”

And according to him, through his experience, he is here to tell the Samoan youngsters that anything is possible if they have the passion to achieve their dream. 

Gabriel Paese of the Ozki band and Sammielz know that the music industry is a competitive world and they believe that your identity as an artist separates you from the others. 

The free spirited young man has been number one in New Zealand and Hawaii with one of his well-known songs “Let us Be” for almost the entire 2016.

His concert will be an opportunity to promote his new album “Love Process”, which he says tells the story of his cousin and girlfriend.

Sammielz said writing a song always comes with the moment. 

“I was in a place here, and I thought of something, I had to leave the place and go outside and record it on my phone.” 

Gabriel added that composing a song for the Ozki’s has always been about experiences they face in life. 

“Our new single is basically about the reality of life here in Samoa, what people go through here.”

And fans of urban reggae and music lovers can enjoy this new single at the Sammielz and Ozki Band concert.

The concert is scheduled for February 9 at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. 

Tickets are $50 prepaid and $60 at the door and can be purchased from Tanoa Tusitala, TV3, Eazyprint or by calling 7573374 and 7288891. 

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