Destination Samoa a fantastic quiet getaway

By Ivamere Nataro ,

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TALOFA LAVA: Sofiah and Alina Kaye of Sydney, Australia.

TALOFA LAVA: Sofiah and Alina Kaye of Sydney, Australia.

Sisters Sofiah and Alina Kaye from Sydney, Australia, are loving their time in Samoa.

It’s not just a holiday, they are making an effort to immerse themselves in the Samoan culture as much as possible. 

Part of that includes a visit to the Samoa Cultural Village where they learnt to weave a mailo (traditional plate).

That’s where Dear Tourist met them. They wanted to share their island experience. 

Apart from a sisters’ getaway trip, this is also a time for them to take a break from their work. 

“I am an employment lawyer back at home and my sister is in marketing,” Alina said. 

Sofiah shared: “So this is our chance to take a break from work and just to enjoy our time together as sisters.”

Alina nodding with a smile said: “We just wanted to experience a place different from home, somewhere relaxing and just to be adventurous.” 

And so far, Samoa has offered the sisters more than what they had expected, being first timers to our shores. 

“We hired a car and we just went around the island yesterday (Monday). We stopped at the To Sua Ocean Trench for lunch and we went to the beach,” Alina explained. 

“I guess we chose Samoa because we have friends who have been here and they shared with us their experience, so we just wanted to come over and see it for ourselves.” 

Sofiah added: “And so far we love it.” 

The sisters were born in England but have lived in Australia for most of their lives, and their mum is of Malaysian descent. 

They are here for five days and their experience so far has been nothing less than adventurous. 

They agreed that Samoa is a beautiful place and its natural scenery needs to be preserved.

“Development is good, but Samoa should not spoil its beauty. Samoa is great for people who want a quiet getaway compared to other destinations that are touristy,” Alina said. 

Asked on what other islands in the South Pacific they wanted to visit, Alina said Cook Islands whereas for Sofiah, it’s Fiji. 

But before that, they have a bucket list of adventurous activities to do in the islands before they depart.

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