From freezing North London to a tropical slice of paradise

By Ivamere Nataro ,

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“SAMOA IS PERFECT”: Elesha and Jana feel apply commonsense and courage when travelling solo.

“SAMOA IS PERFECT”: Elesha and Jana feel apply commonsense and courage when travelling solo. (Photo: Ivamere Nataro )

Braving a walk under the hot sun at the Apia sea wall yesterday was Don and Sandy Varley. 

The English couple from North of London were on their way to the Samoa Tourism Authority cultural tour yesterday when the Dear Tourist team approached them. 

We learned that the couple left their home early last month to visit their son and his family in Australia, later taking a three-day detour to Fiji, before making it to their final destination – Samoa. 

And for them, flying half away across the world to an island still well preserved in terms of its environment and culture is all worth it. 

Complimenting Samoa’s lushness was Don: “What amazed me was how the villages are able to maintain their environment and surroundings. Trimming the hedges along the road and everything is just so tidy.”

Sandy agreed: “Yes, we noticed this when we took a tour yesterday (Monday) to half of the island. Everything was just so tidy.”

This is their first trip to Samoa and they leave the island tomorrow, but in their short stay, the couple have enjoyed everything that describes Samoa, from the scenic view, beautiful beaches and the people. 

“We are staying at the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel and Bungalow and one more thing we noticed is the friendliness shown by the people, they are helpful,” Sandy shared. 

To the couple, developing Samoa further could spoil the essence of what makes Samoa unique. 

“We can’t really judge between Samoa and other islands in the Pacific, but Samoa is perfect the way it is right now, everything is just beautiful,” Don explained. 

It’s been so far so good, and they hope to return someday soon. 

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