Samoa’s land needs to be better utilised

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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WORK THE LAND AND ALLEVIATE POVERTY: Faialeuga Foluega shares about his observation.

WORK THE LAND AND ALLEVIATE POVERTY: Faialeuga Foluega shares about his observation.

Samoa is blessed with so much fertile soil.

The problem is a lot of that is customary land and it is left idle most of the time.

Faialeuga Foluega, a father of eleven, from Lotoso’a Saleimoa, wants to see those lands used.

Yesterday, the 64-year-old shared to the Village Voice team that if people, who own the many acres of land start a plantation, majority of Samoans would be living a life free of poverty.

“Life is not expensive if people used the land that they own. There is so much talk going on that we should not put customary land on lease, but the people are not using the land.”

“Most of the land which is owned by the people is not being used. They should really think of a plan or an effective strategy for the family to also earn a living,” he said.

He believes apart from the plantation, creating a business on these available lands would be a start to something more beneficial for the locals.

“If there is no business then having a plantation is the best option. If a person has a job then be committed and be honest in your workplace that is struggle when people are terminated from their occupation.”

Mr. Foluega says no one in his family is employed and more than four adults who live together with him work the land to support their individual wives, children and his grandchildren.

“I have four children who live with me, two girls and two boys with their own little families. If the father of the family does not work together with his children, then they work the land instead of doing nothing.”

“Everyone knows and understands the help that is already being provided by the land and the income that they could receive from selling the resources that they find,” he added.

He believes everyone is strong both physically and mentally and if people use these, then they would be able to cope with life.

Mr. Foluega adds working the land requires patience in order to reap a good harvest. 

“Life would only become costly for those who do not have any jobs and they are also not working the land.”

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