Couple helps young man with employment

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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Setoa Kini’s prayers were answered through Faualii Afono.

Setoa Kini’s prayers were answered through Faualii Afono.

Every little thing you do for someone counts.

Such is the belief of Faualii Afono Ah Ken from the village of Vaitele-Fou and Fagalii.

Mr. Ah Ken says there are people in Samoa who genuinely need help, and it is our duty to lend a helping hand.

On January 26, Mr. Afono’s wife, Iulia, came across Sauto’a Kini’s artcile in the Village Voice section of the Samoa Observer "A life of hardship in modern Samoa", seeking employment.

Kini’s prayers were answered later on that week when Mr. and Mrs. Afono contacted him and offered him a job at their house in Vaitele-Fou. 

Mr. Afono said this is Kini’s second week working for them.

“The minute when my wife saw the picture of Sauto’a on the newspaper, she told me to go look for him.

“When we arrived in Samoa, my wife has been constantly telling me to get someone to help me in with our land. There are many days when I get home and it is already dark.

“And for the past two weeks, we didn’t call the Samoa Observer to let them know of what we have done because we wanted to see the kind of person he is.”

Mr. Afono and his family are happy and excited to have Kini working for them.

“So here we are today (yesterday) meeting because we have come to a conclusion that Sauto’a Kini is a really good and a trustworthy person.

“My family is very happy that I am able to go anywhere because Sauto’a is able to stay with my family and carry out work around the house.

“My wife and daughter feel comfortable having Sauto’a around the house. There were different thoughts in the beginning since we did not know who he was, but God’s way is always mysterious and everyone has their value.”

Mr. and Mrs. Afono just returned to Samoa after living in New Zealand for so long and for them to witness the struggles locals’ face, prompted them to lend a helping hand.

“We lived in New Zealand for 30 years then we made a decision to move back. Here in Samoa, no one is foolish in front of the eyes of the Lord. There are so many people who are unemployed and it is important to address this issue and I am thankful to the Village Voice because of that.

“This is our daily routine, getting the newspaper to read what is happening on the Village Voice. Every day whenever I read about someone who needs help, I could feel their urgency for help touch me, I really want to help.

“I am aging and it is no longer how it used to be. The reason we chose Sauto’a is because he lives closer to my house.

“We are happy that he is able to work for us and at the same time he is able to help his family.

“As you can see, my compound is really clean and that is all he’s doing. I just give him instructions then he carries out the task.”

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