Extra benefits of farming life

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Tiatia Pisa at his plantation on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Tiatia Pisa at his plantation on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Staying healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. 

So says Tiatia Pisa, 59, from the village of Faleasi’u. He believes the answer to some of our health problems is found in the land.

“The plantation not only supports you financially, it can also help you physically,” Mr. Pisa shared. 

As a father, he believes the land offers solutions to the increasing cost of living. 

“This is the work that I do now for my family, to work here in our plantation.

“I have two children who are working right now, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to help my family.

“I come here and work because I know for sure that my two children don’t earn that much from their job and the plantation helps us earn extra.

“We sell few crops here from my plantation like ta’amu, taro and our vegetables.”

Mr. Pisa was working on his plantation when the Village Voice team met him yesterday morning.

“I still enjoy doing this work because it is part of my daily exercise.

“I really enjoy it because it makes me feel strong, and I get to do something, rather than staying home and watching TV.

“Another positive side about working the plantation is that it promotes healthy living, through the vegetables and food crops we harvest.”

Mr. Pisa also mentioned that working the plantation is another way to deal with stress.

“A lot of people today when they are faced with struggle and family problems, they just tend to deal with it their own selves.

“Some people tend to use alcohol or commit suicide.

“But for me, I think releasing it by working in the plantation is the best way to get rid of all the stress you have by cutting all the unwanted grass.”

Mr. Pisa added life will always be hard, but it won’t be that hard when you have the right mind to lead your family.

“We can’t do anything about the high cost of living and the hard life, the only thing we can do is make sure we work to support our family.”

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