The difference between U.S. and Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: Parliament, Judiciary, the Executive and power addiction

Thank you Afamasaga. 

I refer to your point: “Just when it seemed like America’s newest sheriff in town, the shoot from the hip Donald Trump was about to ride rough shod over everyone and everything that was decent about America; he rides bang into a wall called the American Constitution.”

The constitution of the United States of America, gives the President (whomever occupy the office at the time) the right to do exactly what president Donald J. Trump did, But judges didn’t seem to know their own constitution and made up their own laws as they go along.

President Trump’s nominee to the US Supreme Court had a valid criticism; the president should have respected the separation of powers as no one is above the law. He should also criticize the judge’s decision for not upholding the constitution.

“And if Trump’s criticisms of the American judges who foiled his divisive ban on Muslims entering the United States.”


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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