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Re: Land advocate and customary land 

If any Samoan who may honour this legislation having swayed by the language used to decorate the amendment will most certainly put himself in a curse list of those who will lose their inheritance.

That’s because he will not have the finance to fight for what he believes it’s his, but the government and financial institutions will have their own version of who the owner will be, and land developer will be able to afford bribing our government leaders. 

Just read the title of the bill, the alienation of customary land. What happens when the government decides to table another amendment to the Constitution that will wipe out your attachment and whatever rights you have left on the land? 

You may not be able object to those amendments because you agreed to these amendments by registering and leasing out your land. 

Time to wake up Samoa, you can’t plant crops on money, you can’t eat money either, but you can with your land.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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