The alienation of our customary land

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Dear Editor,

The title of the bill clearly says “The Alienation of Customary Land” which was what the government had been denying all along.

“Overall, the amendments aim to strengthen the legal framework to safeguard the Constitutional protection against the alienation of customary land whilst ensuring the authorised manners of alienation”

Authorized manners of alienation?

 “The outcome is to improve the people’s standard of living through promoting greater economic use of customary land via leasing, licensing and mortgaging of leases over customary land.”

I believe the outcome will be Hawai’i, Maori, Aborigines. and the government prosper, while the people suffer, And when family want their land back, paper trail and delays will eventually see the government earning more and family nothing. And if they get lucky and get their land discharge, receiving no rent but must still pay property tax because the land was registered.

And who is the trustee of your land? Not your sa’o, not your aiga, but somebody else. and who in their right mind believe that the law will not be amended again for the benefit of businesses and government while the land owners and families luck run out.

“(c) the right to receive payments in accordance with the terms of the lease or license”

“(e) the right to initiate and enforce a review of rents as provided for by the terms of the lease;”

I hope whoever is foolish enough to allow their land to be leased out, that the rental payment should be based on the cost of living and not a fix amount.



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