Teamwork for Samsung and S.S.A.B.

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu ,

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Samsung and the S.S.A.B. Teams, working together to assure quality products for Samoan people.

Samsung and the S.S.A.B. Teams, working together to assure quality products for Samoan people. (Photo: Joyetter Luamanu )

Quality is paramount when it comes to products carried by the Samoa Stationery and Books (S.S.A.B.) and that is why partnership with Samsung is supreme. 

As the authorized seller for Samsung whiteware products and TVs, S.S.A.B. this week is meeting Samsung Regional officials, says C.E.O., Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai. 

 “Samsung’s partnership with S.S.A.B. is very important because it benefits the customers in many ways,” she said. 

 “As a business person, I’m always advocating for the benefit of Samoan customers. Having Samsung here is another opportunity to strengthen the partnership between S.S.A.B. and Samsung. 

 “The benefits from this partnership will be reaped by the Samoan customers benefits like opportunities to actually help with pricing so that Samsung products are affordable as well as opportunities for sponsorship.” 

 Tofilau told the Samoa Observer that it’s important that as an authorised reseller, S.S.A.B. honours the warranty. 

 “And the customers can purchase with full confidence that they will be taken care of even after the point of sale,” said Tofilau. 

New Zealand’s Samsung Regional Account Manager, Steve Hodder, said the visit to Samoa was an important aspect of their partnership. 

 “It is important for us Samsung N.Z. to always visit our only authorised reseller in Samoa, S.S.A.B. 

 “This is an opportunity for us to work more closely together to ensure the growth of the Samsung brand here in Samoa. 

 “And it is an opportunity for Samsung to work with S.S.A.B. on key promotional periods; special pricing for both whiteware goods and TVs that S.S.A.B. can offer its customers in the Samoan market.

 “Samsung and N.Z. have had continued growth in 2016, 2017 and we want to continue that for 2018.” 

According to Mr. Hodder, this is also a time for Samsung to meet the staff and obtain some feedback from them, especially from customers 

 “And I will report back to our main office, furthermore this also provides the platform for S.S.A.B. staff  to be shown some new products, innovation, new models added to the range of whiteware goods and TVs.”

 “This trip is only for the Samoa Market,” said Mr. Hooder.  “I also want to emphasize on the importance of purchasing from Samsung authorised resellers because you will be provided with full after-sales support.”

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