Father of seven seeks assistance

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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Luafitu Meausa on his way to collect his taro and yams washed away from the flood.

Luafitu Meausa on his way to collect his taro and yams washed away from the flood.

A father of seven is worried that his plantation will be severely affected should there be any cyclones in Samoa. 

Sixty-year-old Luafitu Meausa relies on his plantation for a living.

He says the recent heavy downpour is starting to ruin the only source of income they have - plantation.

The Village Voice team met him yesterday riding his bike to collect his yams and taro that were washed away by the flood.

Mr. Meausa shared that nobody in his house works and he has three children who are still in school and this is another reason he is worried.

“My family relies on me to work the plantation constantly because it is how we could make it to the next day. I have three older children who live overseas and my other daughter is in Savaii.

“We have relocated further up to the mountains so we would have enough space for our plantation, but my land now is just filled with puddles and most of my crops are ruined,” he said.

He mentioned that he usually sells his crops at the market and receives about a $100 when his sales are good.

Mr. Meausa says proper drainage systems will help people like him, especially during rainy season.

Electricity and water connection is also a problem for his family.

“We really need water and electricity connections in my home, there is so much delay in our work because we don’t have these two things.

“Life could have been made much simpler if we had access to water and electricity connections,” he added.

Mr. Meausa says financial constraints are the reason he is not able to help his family get connection to water and electricity.

He says all these problems, including the expensive cost of living has left him in desperate need of assistance.

For anyone who is keen to help Mr. Meausa contact the number 7202552.

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