Live simply, says Esekia

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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Sakaio Esekia simply happy with what he has.

Sakaio Esekia simply happy with what he has.

Living a simple life helps cope with the struggles of today. 

Sakaio Esekia, an unemployed father of four from Nuu, believes simplicity is the essence of a happy life.

The 65-year-old was walking home after picking his son from Aele Primary School when he started sharing with the Village Voice team yesterday.

Despite being unemployed, he works the land and if people want his crops, then he sells it to them.

He says picking up his son from school is his daily routine and he loves doing it.

Mr. Esekia has three older children who are working and they are the financial backbone of their family.

“There is hardly anyone living in my family because some of my older children live overseas. While my other two children are here with me and my wife,” he said.

He says life has become costly because there are some people who do not budget wisely, so they suffer the consequences of their decision making.

“The reason people speak about how costly life has become is because they do not prioritise the things that needs money the most.

“Greed and wanting what others have also contributes to the expensive cost of living,” he added.

Mr. Esekia says despite his age, he still wants to work because he wants to stay fit and healthy.

“I don’t sell my crops at the market; I usually sell it at my house. Since there are some people in my neighborhood who are aware of my plantation, they know where to find me.

“Looking for yams is what most people are after. I am slow at planting them, but the demand is very high. So everything is good.”

He believes being patient is a blessing because when the time is right, everything will fall into place.

“I have been living in Nuu for 36 years and I still do not have a car, but then again, God gave us the strength and feet to walk, that is why I am still healthy and strong.”

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