Village tackles youth problems

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Eric Ivala Unasa of Salepoua’e Sale’imoa shares about the Village Chiefs initiative of plantation inspection.

Eric Ivala Unasa of Salepoua’e Sale’imoa shares about the Village Chiefs initiative of plantation inspection.

The village of Salepoua’e in Sale’imoa has taken the initiative to address the increasing social problems involving youths in the village.

Eric Ivala Unasa, 38, spoke to the Village Voice team yesterday on ways the village is trying to curb youth-related problems.

Mr. Unasa said the idea from the village chiefs has been a positive outing not only to the youths, but for everyone in the village.

“Things are going smoothly here in our village because our Village Mayor and Chiefs initiated the inspection of family plantations. 

“This initiative is to make sure that all the plantations and areas in the village are all clean.

“So this initiative has allowed young people in the village to use their time wisely.

“All the youths are working on their own plantations trying to clean everything because no one wants to get penalized.”

Mr. Unasa was on his way to his plantation when Village Voice team met him yesterday morning.

“Another good result of this initiative is that it encourages families to work on their plantations.

“Life is hard here in Samoa and everything is about money, and you can earn money as well from the plantation.

“The plantation inspections initiative here is a great idea for the village, as well as the people because it addresses youth problems and villagers work their plantations to help their families.”

Mr. Unasa also mentioned the contribution of the weather recently to their work.

“Going to work while it’s raining is not that hard because it’s better working in a cool environment because there are no mosquitos.

“Another good contribution is that walking under the rain compared to walking under the sun is bearable.   

“With the recent wet season, it’s a tough job to do the cleaning in the plantation because you can cut the grass today, and they will grow tomorrow because of the rain.”

Mr. Unasa also thanked the Chiefs in his villages for the good initiative.

“I really enjoy the initiative because it is working and it’s for the good of our village.

“So I really want to thank our Mayor and Chiefs for this wonderful initiative collaborating with all the families for a better future for our village.”

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