A reoccurring problem: A photo taken last week by S.I.G.F.A. members of local alia fishermen moored to the Apia F.A.D. putting stress on the device.

Alarm bell sounded over abuse of fish aggregating devices

The Samoa international Game Fishing Association (S.I.G.F.A) has sounded the alarm about the abuse and misuse of Fishing Aggregating Devices (F.A.D) by  some local fishermen. The alarm was sounded by the President of S.I.G.F.A, Poao Frances Hansell, who is calling on the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (M.A.F) to investigate the issue. They have provided pictures for evidence. 

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MEDIA TALK: ABC’s Aaron Kearney encourages the Samoan media to utilise their unique advantage in the new era of journalism.

Social media creates equal playing field

The digital disruption brought on by social media and online news challenged traditional forms of journalism but in some ways it levelled the playing field for Pacific journalists.

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READY TO SERVE: Faualo Sala Mulitalo Lupe Chan Mow with family members after the ceremony.

Faualo chiefly title bestowed in Apia

The Faualo chiefly title was bestowed on Salā Mulitalo Lupe Chan Mow at the village of Apia last Saturday. It was well attended by families and the Apia Village Council.

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DEVELOPING COCOA INITIATIVE: Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Finance Officer, Toetu Asiata accompanies C.E.O. Lemauga Hobart Vaai on inspections of the Apia cocoa nursery in Mulifanua.

New cocoa nursery under construction

A large cocoa nursery is being built on Samoa Trust Estate Corporation (S.T.E.C.) land at Mulifanua with plans to begin training for the nursery next week. 

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FURTHER STRENGTHENING CONNECTION: Public Enterprise Minister Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell with members of the Pacific Trade Invest during a recent Ministerial visit to Australia.

Australia Pacific Trade Invest head is coming to Samoa

The Pacific Trade Invest (P.T.I.) Australia’s Trade and Investment Commissioner, Caleb Jarvis, is heading to Samoa. In partnership with the Samoa High Commission to Australia, Mr. Jarvis will be leading a business mission to Samoa from Tuesday 9 October to Friday 12 October 2018.

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PUNIALAVA’A: (l-r) Nanai Viellani Peteru, Melody Peteru, Leulua’ipouomalo Punialavaa and wife Kelcey Peteru at Robert Louis Stevenson College during one of the stops of their school tours last week. Photo / (OneLook Communications).

Punialava’a and Samoa Airways – flying the Samoan flag with pride

When Punialava’a flew on Samoa Airways to return home last month, they were very much aware of the parallels between their band and the national carrier. For starters, both are ambassadors for Samoa, carrying the Samoan flag wherever they go.

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A woman on a mission

Kasia Renae Cook.  Remember that name if you live in Samoa and are of German descent. She is a remarkable woman, an educated woman, and she is on a mission. No. Not the kind of mission you might be thinking.

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DEVELOPING BETTER INTEGRITY OF DATA: Mandria Sua and Minerva Ta’avao, N.U.S. staff behind the report.

University data to inform decision makers

The National University of Samoa (N.U.S) is continuing to use data to inform decision making, with the recent release of its second statistical digest and the promise of another one in December.

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A FIRST STEP: The Samoan delegation is led by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Afamasaga Rico Tupa’i.

Moves afoot to make Samoa regional innovation hub

A Government delegation is currently in America meeting with technology companies and public officials as a first step towards making Samoa a regional innovation hub.

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Road incident kills boy at Samatau

The family of a young boy from Samatau is mourning his death following a tragic incident involving a bus on Friday night. The death was confirmed by a member of the extended family yesterday, who requested for the names to be withheld as they have yet to inform all their relatives about the tragedy.

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NEW HOUSE: The residence of C.C.C.S. Magiagi Pastor which was officially dedicated yesterday.

Magiagi Church dedicates $500,000 Pastor’s house

The Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (C.C.C.S.) at Magiagi celebrated a milestone with the official opening of their Pastor’s residence yesterday. The total cost of the project is estimated to be more than $500,000. In an interview with Sunday Samoan, Church Secretary Tupuivao Dr. Titi Lamese, said they do not owe anything to the banks.

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U.S. JUDGE: Emeritus John C. Wallace.

Judiciary’s independence critical, says visiting U.S. Senior Judge

The three branches of government – Executive, Legislature and Judiciary – exist to protect people’s rights but there are times when the Judiciary becomes the weakest branch of Government. The point was made by a United States Court of Appeals Senior Judge and Chief Judge Emeritus, John Clifford Wallace, during an interview with the Sunday Samoan yesterday.

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VAITELE SMASH: The vehicles involved in the collision which also knocked out electricity in the area.

Vehicles in head on collision at Vaitele

Two vehicles were involved in a head on collision at the front of the METEK building in Vaitele on Friday. According to an eyewitness, Juliana Tuitea, a vehicle coming down from Maota o Samoa was driven by a woman and was allegedly speeding when her vehicle collided with an oncoming vehicle.

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HAPPY TO BE BACK: Pan and Peter Clydesdale remember the good times on their stay back in their “second home”.

Samoa gives couple good memories

Returning to Samoa brought back a lot of good memories for couple Pan and Peter Clydesdale.

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Ambassador Wang Xuefeng (front row, 4th from left) with Cabinet members, members of diplomatic core and N.U.S Vice Chancellor Fui Asofou So’o (far right).

Confucius Institute opens its doors

The Confucius Institute has officially opened its doors at the main campus of the National University of Samoa.

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GOING GREEN: Peace Chapel Primary School students above their bottle camp mural.

What kids have to say about going green

Six schools across Samoa beautified their schools this term, competing in BSP’s Go Green campaign competition. For the children, making the school attractive was only the beginning. They also spent the term learning about gardening, taking care of plants, recycling and pollution.

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About 50 men, women and children converged on Every Home for Christ premises at Vaigaga on Sunday and were treated to a night of worship and singing in commemoration of the day.

Papua New Guineans celebrate 43rd Independence

The Papua New Guinea community in Samoa celebrated the country’s 43rd independence anniversary in Apia last Sunday. About 50 men, women and children converged on Every Home for Christ premises at Vaigaga on Sunday and were treated to a night of worship and singing in commemoration of the day.

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ENERGY ON THE AGENDA: Dr. Adam Warren addresses a group in Apia.

Policy models not enough to reach 2025 goal

Technology, policy and business models are not enough to get Samoa to its goal of being 100 percent renewable by 2025. Dr. Adam Warren, a director at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (N.R.E.L) in the United States, is in the country to hold discussions with stakeholders in the energy sector when he made this statement. 

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Electric Power Corporation.

Tariff changes for electricity

Commencing October 1, 2018, domestic and non-domestic electricity users will be charged with a new set of tariff. 

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Owners George and Margaret Feesago.

Big & Small opens newly renovated store

Big & Small of Samoa opened its newly renovated store at the ground floor of ACC Building yesterday. The more than $20,000 tala renovated store houses a wide range of American cosmetics and makeup kits to suit any skin colour and body type. 

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Think a Minute

Recognising royalty

Think a minute…Successful country singer Lonzo Green was visiting his relatives. His teenage nephew Jim and all his friends gathered in Jim’s house to meet his famous uncle.


E.P.C. must be more transparent on the proposed Alaoa Multi Purpose Dam Project

Together with six other non-government organizations (NGOs), Ole Siosiomaga Society (OLSSI) was invited on 25 July 2018 by the Manager of the proposed EPC Alaoa Multi Purpose Dam Project to a related meeting with representatives of a few government Ministries and institutions, project consultants, ADB officials, and EPC staff.

Between the Lines


Who sponsored trip? The Miss Samoa pageant earlier this month ensured all eyes were on the big island of Savai’i. So much so that the checking-in of two ministers, a C.E.O. and an A.C.E.O. into a hotel there raised eyebrows. Their ministry has no connection to the pageant’s administration so just wondering who funded their trip over?

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