American troops in Syria

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Re: Syria says rare US strike an effort ‘to support terrorism’


Why are American troops in Syria? 

No one invited them. The Syrian government certainly did not invite them. So they are acting outside of international law. They claim they are defending the Syrian people from terrorists.

But where did those terrorists come from? Former US president Barack Obama conceded some of the weapons and equipment his nation was providing to anti-government ‘rebels’ were ending up in the hands of terrorists. 

So this is a twofold confession. America was actively supporting an insurgency in Syria, and it was ‘inadvertently’ arming terrorists. And although Donald Trump has ended this sordid business, still American troops remain.

In fact, it is more likely that the US seeks to gain a permanent foothold for its global military empire in yet another Middle Eastern nation; this time one with close ties to Russia.

In fact, Damascus has been aligned with Moscow since the early 1950s, when Washington attempted to orchestrate a coup, the way it did in successfully bringing down Iran’s first democratic government in 1953. 

Not surprisingly, therefore, the US included Syria on a hit-list of Middle Eastern nations it wanted to take out after 9/11 (as revelead by former US genereal Wesley Clarke on a widely circulate Youtube video).

Others included Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. But this time America has had to exercise a great deal more caution, due to the Russian factor, as well as growing opposition to their global expansionism.

Thus the Arab Spring became the pretext for a proxy war, and the jihadists and mercenaries were sent in. 

That approach didn’t quite achieve its target, so now they are trying every other tactic they can think of.


Mustafa Kemal 

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