Leone residents extremely vulnerable

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Leilani Tavita of Leone, pointing out how deep the Vaisigano river went.

Leilani Tavita of Leone, pointing out how deep the Vaisigano river went.

A 36-year-old resident of Leone is hoping the construction of the wall alongside the Vaisigano riverbanks will be completed soon. 

Leilani Tavita has been living in Leone for more than 10 years and the problems associated with the Vaisigano River bursting its banks are not new. 

She says it is that time of the year again that residents around the area experience the threat posed by the river during heavy rainfall. 

“On Thursday the river bursts its banks around midday and it was just like the usual, it wasn’t really that bad compared to what it has always been.”

Mrs. Tavita was at her shop right next to the Vaisigano River when the Village Voice team met him yesterday.

“The river burst its banks again late on Thursday Night around 10 to 11 o’clock and it was severe than the one that took place yesterday afternoon.”


She says they are not affected as much as those who live on the other side of the riverbank.

“Families over the other side of the river are the ones vulnerable to the floodwaters.”

Mrs. Tavita praised the cement wall that is under construction alongside the Vaisigano River.

“We are really grateful for the wall because if it wasn’t for the wall, we would have been affected very badly during the past few nights.

“The only thing now for us is to pray that the work on the wall will be completed soon, but in the meantime it is best we prepare for the worst before it is too late.”

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