Please, let’s learn from others

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Dear Editor

Re: Miss Pacific finale arrives, Samoa envies Fiji tourism

Can the Associate Minister of Tourism, Amituanai Fagaivalu Kenrick please tell the P.M. and C.E.O. of Tourism Sonja Hunter to be humble and go learn from Fiji Tourism?

Samoa tourism has been limping or lifeless for the last 20 years compared to Fiji tourism. 

Unfortunately improvement to Samoa tourism will only arrive if we get rid of the lifeless P.M. and his sleepyhead of tourism side-kick. 

Me and so many others have been yelling and hollering about this for years but no one in Samoa Government has been listening. 

Samoa tourism has potential but that is where we’ve been stuck for the last 20 years. 

P.M. wake up!!! 

C.E.O. of tourism wake up!!!!


Siaosi Siomia

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