Can’t stop Mother Nature

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Dear Editor,

Re: We could’ve been better prepared 

Samoa is an Island ...we attract vicious weather developments at certain times of the least we get warnings. 

Now with the new high speed internet you’ll be able to quickly find solutions to recommend to Government to make the flooding at least, manageable. 

Even in the U.S.A. with all it’s modernity and owners still build in places susceptible to mother nature....the recent forest fires and then torrential rains in California (Montecito Santa Barbara) destroyed multi million dollar homes and killed many in their sleep due to flooding and landslides.

Some people just didn’t evacuate or take the warnings seriously...don’t feel special.....learn, rebuild and petition the Government to build the proper infrastructure to manage the flooding.

As was the case in Montecito, people want to live where they choose... even if it’s in flood or fire zones. 

It’s Governments responsibility to build infrastructure to mitigate threats.....since no one stops mother nature. 

Thank God no one was killed and the Cyclone didn’t linger...fingers crossed!


Tuluga P.

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