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Re: Tialavea says Ministers should divest shares

The House Standing Orders need to take care of this tumultuous concern it’s becoming louder and louder day by day. It is becoming far too common in this day and age in Samoa for people to suspect a conflict of interest emerges even if it’s a genuine bid especially when one holds public office.

Hence, it’s human nature to suspect someone within has cooked the books to their advantage. The worthwhile life of Luagalau Leva’ula Kamu was lost while trying to clean up the very mess

The ruling party needs to take a very good look at its self in the mirror and wrestle the bull by the horns to plug the cracks starting to resurface.

My channels are a bit distorted trying to distinguish this and a couple working together at the Ministry of Police.

Yeah it’s the same? No it’s not? I am confused! Then what is it then? Beats me!


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood

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