Mother of three desperate for job

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ANY JOB WILL DO: Simaotua Temetiu.

ANY JOB WILL DO: Simaotua Temetiu.

Christmas is the season to be jolly.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for Simaotua Temetiu. 

Simaotua is a mother of three and for her, this festive season could be a lot better if she had a job to support her family.

In fact she is desperate for any kind of job.

She is from the village of Falelauniu-uta. She lives with her parents and husband. She says no one in her family has  formal job. 

Their main source of income, she said, was from her brother who works overseas. 

“My main focus is to help my family,” she said. 

“My other siblings do not live together with our parents. So I feel very responsible and I want to step up and look after my parents and my children instead of relying on others.”

Simaotua added her sister sells homemade chicken and rice at the market and part of that also supports them financially.

But it is still not enough to cater for their daily needs. 

She told the Village Voice yesterday her sister just recently passed away and she needed a job to help with funeral arrangements.

“Money is everything,” she said. 

“We have so many things that we need to do, so I need to get a job. Any job is good for me, but I am definitely good at cleaning.”

The challenge for the 24-year-old does not stop there. She also has to send her eldest child to school soon and that’s why she needs employment.

Simaotua says life is expensive nowadays. 

She says any job is good enough for her as long as she can support her family.

For anyone willing to help Simaotua, she can be contacted on mobile phone number 7766056.

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